Matthew’s kitchen in East Nashville

This clients house was a older Victorian style desperately in need of more space in the kitchen area. I was contacted by the owner and we spent several weeks discussing a design that could be incorporated into the general re-modeling of the back of the house.

Older houses often present design challenges – working around unusual layouts and design features. This project was no different. Taller than average doorways, multiple floor levels and an existing chimney had to be incorporated into the design.

This style is generally called Shaker or Arts and Crafts. With a simple panel inside of a 2″-1/4″ style and rail. There is a modern variant using a wider style & rail that I’ve used also. The color was custom matched. The knobs were a whimsical touch suggested by the client.

Some Features:

  • The refrigerator has custom matching panels.
  • The sink island has 2nd custom color with matching wood panels on the dishwasher.
  • The back of the island has shallow full height storage cabinets.
  • There is a built-in trash cabinet to the right of the sink .

One custom feature the clients requested was an under cabinet drawer located in the toe kick.  This was the first time I’ve had this request.  It turned out to be a great use of an other-wise wasted space.

The client later ordered a massive storage unit with multiple doors and drawers for their bedroom.

A. Chris Keenan

A. Chris Keenan has over 28 years experience in the construction industry. He operates a 1400 sq. foot facility in Inglewood TN. He's been recognized for his work in restoring numerous historical homes in East Nashville & the Metro Nashville area.