Custom Windows – Restoration award

I was contacted by a client, who is a real estate agent in East Nashville, to replace the cathedral top windows in his late 1800’s house.

He had an old black and white photo of the house from the early 1900’s showing the style of window that he wanted to emulate.
These windows take a great amount of time to re-create because of the arches and external trim that has to be matched. When completed the windows worked better than the original set. In addition, with the modern weather stripping I applied, they are greatly more efficient.

This house won an award for best restoration.

A. Chris Keenan

A. Chris Keenan has over 28 years experience in the construction industry. He operates a 1400 sq. foot facility in Inglewood TN. He's been recognized for his work in restoring numerous historical homes in East Nashville & the Metro Nashville area.