1930’s Arts & Crafts House

This is my latest project for the Windsor family of East Nashville. It took approximately 8 months from beginning to end. The client wanted modern amenities in the front of the house but she wanted to retain an Arts & Crafts feel.

Some Features:

  • The bookcase and mantel surround are in Cherry. 
  • The mantel itself is Walnut that I re-purposed from a 150 year old tree that had fallen at a property of mine about a block away. After several months of drying I was able to incorporate as much of the old tree as possible in this project. 
  • The colonnade is likewise of Cherry and Walnut with a Maple inlay and a Curley Maple beam above. 
  • The kitchen is in Kabinart Manhattan Oak with a Sable finish. 
  • The custom Back Door & Panels were made of Ash to match the existing front door & were stained the same as the Kitchen cabinets.
The client wanted a modern but warm kitchen. There is abundant storage in the large pantry unit to the right of the range and under the microwave section I have installed a mixer lift. This client is an accomplished  baker and wanted a kitchen that would facilitate her passion. The large surfaces of granite enable her ample room to for preparation of her latest creation.  
A. Chris Keenan

A. Chris Keenan has over 28 years experience in the construction industry. He operates a 1400 sq. foot facility in Inglewood TN. He's been recognized for his work in restoring numerous historical homes in East Nashville & the Metro Nashville area.